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How not to present your rental property for letting


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Presenting your property for successful letting - don't do it this way

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How to present your rental property for letting

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 Over the past few years many people have been turning to owning rented accommodation in the UK, Ireland and other countries as an addition to pension provisions and for other reasons. This has meant that there is a lot more choice for people wishing to rent and consequently as they have choice then the property owner has to ensure that they provide good quality accommodation that will attract Tenants.

Above : major damp problems in the bathroom

Unfortunately many owners think that a tenant will rent any property in any condition. They don't realize ythat with the growth of Buy to Let, many investors have purchased brand new purpose built properties that naturally have an advantage over the older properties that require modernisation.

Left : wardrobe doors hanging off


Above : Kitchen floor vinyl patches! Apart from being rather nasty to look at, this is not at all hygenic for a cookinmg area. Flooring should be prperly stuck down so there are no exposed corners for someone to trip up on or for dirt and grease to be exposed causing health problems.It is good to know there is a kitchen sink as in the picure below, but it does not present well with the washing up needed to be done.

Below : Kitchen cupboards are damaged

Below : Plaster falling off near door

Below : So the carpet does not fit

It does not look very inviting like this. The decor is poor as well. Why not spend a small amount of money and get a lighter plain carpet properly fitted? Even the pink one below is lighter, however it has so many bulges in it resembling the Malvern Hills!

Above : Holes in the carpet

This is very dangerous, there is a patio door there and someone could trip in those holes and either land up on the door, or if iwas open out on the patio.

Above : Airing cupboard - probably has not seen new paint for years

People often forget to paint in cupboards or behind the place the fridge, washing machine or cooker was. If you are letting unfurnished and not providing appliances these areas need attention. The inside of a cupbard needs painting, just as much as the outside. When you do paint, make it a colour most tenants can live with, not like the colour below,

Above: Wardrobe needs brinng up to date - Economy long life light bulbs and ordinary light bulbs don't look good. Lampshades don't cost a lot to buy.

and when you do buy them, buy a modern one, not something from the 1970's . The airfrshener on the pelmet does not look very good either.

Left: marks on walls like these don't present well. Re-paint the wall. Even pictures on the example below can't hide the marks and stains.

Stair cases

Paint the new plaster

Below: Get rid of that pattern carpet!

Bathrooms: There were a lot of very bright colours around in the late 50's, 60's and 70's however you really can't go wrong with a white bathroom suite. Don't put carpet in there either, it is not too hygenic.

If the toilet seat is like this replace it - it won't cost a lot!


Finally: Outside: Keep the property decorated outside and make sure the garden is well looked after before you show it to tenants. They will never want to rent it if they think they have to tackle this!


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