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Increasingly more and more people are seeking one to one coaching at different stages in their careers. Some people use coaching to help them address challenges in their work. Others because they feel they are not accomplishing all they are capable of, or wish to feel more confident in their work role. Many use coaching when they are seeking to improve their self-awareness and work performance but feel a general course will not meet their specific needs.

Individual coaching can play a significant role in developing individual capacity and helping people and organisations to perform at consistently high levels.

It enables individuals to maximise their resources more effectively to tackle business challenges and achieve both corporate and personal goals. It motivates coachees to develop new knowledge, insight and skills, as it provides the time and space to reflect, evaluate and address work-related issues more strategically.

Coaching is a highly effective method to support organisational development. Individual coaching with managers in combination with other learning and development initiatives is a very successful way to build strong management teams and increase organisational competence.

Our key objective working with a client is to help them focus in on what they most want to achieve. The jml coach is not there to tell a client what they should do but to help them to come up with their own solutions using their own analytical and reflective skills.

At jml Training Consultancy we use a structured outcomes-led method to maximise the effectiveness of the coaching. It starts with an introductory session where the client identifies with the coach the areas they wish to explore. Expectations are clarified and goals and objectives are established. The content of a coaching session will also respond to the immediate needs and circumstances of the client.

Coaching is not an end in itself but an 'enabler' to ensure that 'things' are achieved. Coaching within organisations, in common with any other type of intervention such as training, should show an impact. Once the client has identified what they want to achieve, objective measures are then identified to assess effectiveness.

We employ very experienced and rigorously trained coaches and actively support coach supervision to ensure consistently high standards of provision.

Growing your senior team

Individual coaching with senior managers, in combination with senior team development workshops, can be a highly successful way to build a strong management team and increase organisational competence.

We can show that the combination of individual support and high quality in-house training is a powerful tool in growing your own senior management capability - it really delivers.

"Coaching our senior managers has proved a great success", says a local government client. The feedback from participants shows that the individual sessions have helped them raise their self-awareness and in many cases accelerated their growth as leaders.

Working with the learning and development goals agreed during the training programme, our coaches are able to challenge and support participants and maximise the transfer of knowledge and skills development into their work practice.

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