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Articles on line by Philip Suter

You will be leaving this site for many of these articles, joining another site within the jml Group

Accepting Payments in Euros can prove Expensive Warning for holiday home owners about accepting rental cheques in euros from a non French euro bank and the costs involved in trying to cash them.

A Definition of Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in One Place May Not be the Same as in Another - You are off on holiday and book into Bed and breakfast accommodation. You expect a bed for the night and breakfast in the morning. It might happen in most places, but not my experience in Barcelona, Spain

A Skiing Holiday Can Still Be Fun Even If You Don't Actually Ski A skiing holiday when you don't actually ski. It is possible to have a most enjoyable week's break even when you don't participate in the sport.

An early experience of hiring a car After having trouble free car rental experiences for several years, in late 2000, I was fined by the car rental for damage I never caused and many other renters had similar problems in Nice France

Antibes a magical town in the south of France to visit, again and again - I have been a regular visitor to Antibes for the past twelve years, although I first got a glimpse back in 1961 on a family holiday. The old arch overlooking Port Vaubaun still looks like it did all those years ago

Are there going to be car hire shortages again this summer ?- In the summer of 2009 there were major problems for people trying to rent cars in popular locations in Europe. A major factor was because car hire companies had not taken on the normal levels of vehicles.

Are women renting vans much in 2011? In the same month that the European Court of Justice is to ban the use of gender in insurance policies from December 2012 in UK and following on from the Davies Report on inequality in the boardroom in the UK, men are still the main renters of vans.

Barcelona, Spain in February 2006 Was Fabulous A short visit to Barcelona, Spain in February - a very warm city in many ways. Great people, great places to visit and eat and drink in.

Barcelona Fact File - Barcelona is hip, vibrant, welcoming. The capital of Catalonia and one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean, it's an eclectic mixture of Gothic, 'modernist' and contemporary architectural treasures

Berlin in February is fantastic, but can be very cold - A weekend break in Berlin is great value, there is so much history about and you won't have a quiet moment, however if you are going in the winter months, take plenty of warm clothing, you will need it.

Beware Of Hidden Insurance Charges When You Renew Your Mobile Phone Contract In The UK If you are changing your mobile, take great care that you don’t sign up for one of the phone company's insurance policies as they might not actually tell you that you will be taking out this insurance cover

Biot, Cote d'Azur, South of France - There are many excellent restaurants cafes and bars there, each with their own character

Buy To Let - Beware Of The Extra Costs That You Have Not Budgeted For - Buy to let investment properties has become very popular in the UK and other countries in the past ten years. It always pays to budget the project well and allow additional money for expenditure you did not initially think that you would have to make on your new rental property

Car hire charges could increase in Ireland - Changes to the Vehicle Registration Tax allowance and sales of new cars could mean dearer car rental in Ireland -June 2009

Car rental advice on Irish Radio - 22nd June 09 - With school holidays fast approaching in Ireland many people will be renting cars overseas. The Myles Dungan Today consumer programme offered advice on what to do and not to do.

Could the High Wycombe Woolworths site become the Red Lion Hotel again? The High Street High Wycombe stands the former Woolworths store that finally closed in January 2009. It had been there since 1969 and of course up until the early 1960's the famous Red Lion Hotel was there.

Dogfight with Sainsbury's over our pet insurance - 2014 - Back in 2013 we had a dispute with Sainsbury's Pet insurance.

Don’t get caught not paying the toll on the M50 in Ireland The M50 toll no longer has toll booths and a camera system is now in operation to speed the traffic flow. Make sure you pay by 8.00 the next day or risk a fine

Don't forget to renew your Travel Insurance before you book a trip - August 2009 - Many people take out annual travel insurance either individually or for a couple or family. The great thing about this is that you have peace of mind and if you are taking holidays throughout the year you don't have to keep on buying new insurance

Do we need a high speed train service between London and Birmingham? The British Government is determined that the High Speed rail link that comes from the Channel Tunnel to St Pancras in London continues to Birmingham. When that is completed they want to build a high speed link further north.

Dublin at Christmas - If you are planning on visiting Dublin for Christmas make sure that you are either staying with friends or family, staying at a hotel that is going to be open or renting a self catering property

Dublin FactFile - It is lively and vibrant - an international city - its streets combine the old world charm of a village with the bustling cosmopolitan flavour of a big city. It is a city that does not overpower or overwhelm

Exercise your constitutional rights in the air - January 2001 In this article going back to January 2001 The Independent's Travel Editor Simon Calder responded to Philip Suter of jml Property Services concerns over the easycar car rentals. He had rented several of these small Mercedes cars, however on the 2nd rental was charged for alleged damage to a car rented from the Nice, France, depot.

First Visit impressions of Morocco Impressions of a visit to Morocco in November 2005 taking in Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakesh /Marrakech. Staying in the Ville Nouvelle in Casablanca and the Medina in Marrakesh

5 important points to remember when you hire a car, van or motorhome - Renting a vehicle is normally very straightforward. You make the arrangements online, by phone or in person, however sometimes there can be unforeseen problems so the following will be of help....

Focus On Car Hire Additional Charges -You want to rent a car for a few days, see a great deal on line and suddenly the original price you thought you were going to pay has increased dramatically because of additional car hire charges.

Flat Living Magazine Review - First issue has been published in October 2009 and it will appear quarterly . There appears to be a lot of information in the 32 page publication provided by ARMA (The Association of Residential Managing Agents).

Flying From Heathrow Is Not Necessarily Quicker – A Personal Viewpoint London Heathrow airport is becoming so busy now and from two flights in 2006 to Nice, France the delays unreasonable. What is it going to be like in a few years time? Are people better off timewise from flying from smaller airports like London Luton?

Getting rid of Qatada - Letter to the Independent - 21st April 2012

Goodwood Revival 10 years on -2008 - Back in 1948 the motor racing circuit a short distance from Chichester and the Sussex coast was the home to the first post Second World War motor race and then it ended in 1966.In 1998 it all started again with the first Goodwood Revival and it's the 10th anniversary on the 19th to 21st September 2008

Growing up with Suters Ltd - My first memories were travelling once a week with my mother on the Green Line bus to Uxbridge which we boarded just outside our house on Austenwood Common on the Chalfont-St-Peter / Gerrards Cross borders

Hiring a car can be more expensive than you bargained for - September 2009 - Renting a car in Dublin can be a lot more expensive than you thought. That car advertised at £35 per day suddenly becomes nearly £60 per day. It can't help the tourist market at the moment so look out for the hidden charges

Historic Monaco Grand Prix - Grand Prix de Monaco Historique In Monaco in May every other year the Historic Grand Prix is held. The event features cars from the era of the first Monaco Grand Prix in 1929 till 1978. It is a very inexpensive and enjoyable way to spend a weekend watching some traditional motor racing.

Holiday Home Insurance outside the UK and Ireland (or inside the UK) Overseas holiday home ownership is at an all time high and numerous owners have problems with foreign languages, so it is vitally important that their insurance policy is written in English.

How car hire rental companies try to discourage you from buying car hire excess insurance from other sources than their provider When I recently rented a car in Nice, France the car hire company Europcar wanted to see me car hire excess insurance. This is one of the ways that a car hire rental operator can increase its revenue from the commission paid by an insurance company.

How Irish car hire companies are not improving Irish Tourism Article - October 2010 - After renting cars in different countries over the years, it appears that the Irish car hire companies are always trying to find ways of gaining additional revenue for their customers and this cannot be helpful to the tourist market.

How to save money when you hire a car - Normally when you hire a car the vehicle will come with a full tank of fuel. Under the hire agreement in most cases you will find that you have to return the car with a full tank or the car hire company will re-fuel the vehicle, but will usually make an administrative charge for doing this.

In the Property Game? - One the UK's major rental insurance company's is stating that 53 per cent of all UK landlords are not insured for the risks they are exposed to. Rental insurance can be offset against tax and is one essential a landlord can't afford to be without today.

Inventories in Rental Properties in the UK The process of preparing, checking in and out an inventory in a rental property in the UK

Irish car hire companies are taking visitors for a ride For most people visiting a different location can be very exciting, however if you are going to Ireland renting a car there can give you quite a headache.

Irish Car Rental Companies make customers buy their car hire insurance by financial constraints - Irish car rental companies are making it very difficult for customers to use independently purchased car hire excess insurance by insisting they pay a large deposit at the time of hire. Unless you are carrying a credit card with a high credit amount that can cover an instant deduction of €1,300 or more you have to buy their very expensive product.

Irish Tourism in 2011 - Two reports appeared at the end of 2010 regarding the state of Irish Tourism. The country needs revenue from tourists, however getting to Ireland and moving about in Ireland if you rent a car can be very expensive.

Is Your Home Fully Protected Against Winter Winter comes every year - In Europe and other continents there is a large change in temperature. People go off on holiday, but do they protect their house against the elements?

Is your Holiday Home Insurance Policy Written in a Language that you can Understand? With more and more English speaking people purchasing second homes that they use as a holiday home in mainland Europe, it is most important that when they buy their the insurance for the property, that they actually can understand it. If it is written in English it can be much more beneficial.

It Certainly Does Rain in Lisbon (Lisboa) Portugal in February - A few days in Lisbon in February can be wet as you are still very much in the rainy season. Lisbon is a fascinating city, excellent transport, probably could do with a better selection of restaurants, but a great place for a city break

It is most important to check out the insurance products sold on line - Since 2002 I have been running insurance and self catering holiday home advertising websites as an introducer agent under the terms of the UK's FSA regulations. This means I cannot offer advice, speak to any clients or accept money on behalf of an insurance provider.

Landlord Insurance Information on to why a landlord should take out insurance for their rental property...

Legal Protection Insurance is essential when you are letting out your property In the UK there are now numerous let properties and although tenants can be properly referenced, sometimes they stop paying their rent and Legal expenses insurance is required. Even if you don't think you will need it, you never know when you tenant might have a rental problem.

Lettings in South Bucks Still Going Strong - Although many local estate agents in South Bucks are finding business very slow on the sales side, those with Residential letting offices or our stand alone lettings agents are very busy. From my work in a local agent in High Wycombe, I have noticed that the telephone lines are very busy, people keep on coming in through the door to look for rentals or to sign up to a letting and this is good news. Employment levels are still good and those that could be tempted to buy are finding they are having to wait longer - December 2008.

Looks like the Stena HSS is running again from Wales to Ireland - Looking at the Stena Line website it appears that the HSS Stena Explorer will be in operation from Wednesday 26th May. The service was cut at the start of 2010 with the fast ferry resting in Holyhead. At the time Stena announced on their website it was being refitted, but appears taken out of service till the summer schedule was effective - May 2010

Make Sure the Price is Right on Your Residential Letting There are more long term rentals and holiday rentals on the market within Europe, so it most important that the property is being offered on the rental market at the right price to attract renters. It is easy to ask too much and very easy to have no takers.

Nice and the South of France in January - Taking a break in the South of France can be great at any time of the year, however in January the weather is often much better than in northern Europe and it is a lot less crowded than in the summer.

Own a property overseas? Is the insurance policy written in English? With so many English speaking people now having a second home overseas it is vitally important that the insurance is written in a language you can understand.

Personal safety for Letting Agent and Estate Agents People within the industry and outside will know the stories of Suzy Lamplugh and Stephanie Slater two Estate Agents in the UK who showed the "wrong applicant around" a property. A guide for sales and rental agents.

Prague at the end of October Visitors to Prague in the Czech Republic speak very warmly of the city, culture and it's people. It was interesting to spend a few days there in late October to find out if this was all true.

Problems with Accepting Housing Benefit in England and Wales For an owner of a rental property the fact that the local council or corporation will pay the rent for your tenant, this unfortunately.....

Receiving British TV outside the UK - For many years holiday home owners and "ex-Pats" have been able to watch their favourite BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 programmes from the comfort of their armchairs hundreds of miles from Britain via satellite.

Recession what recession in Dublin Ireland? - Eating out in the suburbs of Ireland is very expensive; however restaurants appear to be busy even on a Monday night in late June. Although jobs are going, some people look like they have money to burn.

Rental Scams in Self Catering Holiday Home Lettings The growing problem of making out they want to rent a holiday home by sending a large bogus payment to the property owner whom they have found via the Internet.

Renting / Letting in Ireland The PRTB - rent regulations came into force in the Republic of Ireland in December 2004

Renting a Car Can Prove More Expensive Than Originally Budgeted For The hidden extras when you rent a car, fuel surcharges, additional drivers and excess insurance if the car is damaged and it is not your fault.

Renting a car in the USA is quite cheap until you get all the add-ons - A friend recently rented a car for six days in the USA and the initial charge of $150 (GBP£90) looked very attractive, however the final bill came out in the region of $590 (£370 approx) which is quite a difference.

Review of ARLA Agreement Magazine on Insurance (August 2009) - Latest ARLA - "trade" magazine has covered some the landlord and tenant insurance providers.

Sanremo - Italian Riviera - Italy If you are staying in the South of France and feeling like taking a day trip into Italy Sanremo is a perfect place to visit.

Sending a cheque from one Euro zone country to another is frustrating and very expensive…don't bother - The Euro has been in existence for over ten years now in many member countries and if you try and send a cheque drawn on a bank from member country and bank it in another be prepared for a long delay and very high costs

St Petersburg in early December -St Petersburg, Russia in early December is very cold, however with plenty of snow, warm clothing it is well worth a short stay break. You are made to feel very welcome and soon get used to the low temperatures and short days of day light.

The accelerating cost of taking a car on holiday to Ireland - The cost of taking your car to Ireland has become very expensive. Ireland needs tourists, but they are going to go to other countries instead of these costs continue to rise. Taking a car to Ireland can cost £340 more than taking it to France.

The Cannes Film Festival - le Festival International du Film de Cannes - The festival is held every May, it is an opportunity for directors from all over the world to show their work. If you are in the area at that time you can really have a great day and night watching the rich and famous or those seeking fame.You can even see movies on the beach.

The Cheapest Letting Rental Agent May Not Be The Best For Value In the UK and other European countries there is now a great choice of rental agents to let your property. Going to a cheap one or one who cuts fees may not be the a good idea. They might not be qualified or belong to a Professional trade Association and might even go off with your rent.

The Midas Touch Lloyds Banking Group sale of HEAL - jml Property insurance blog Nov 7th 09 - The 23rd October 09 edition of the estate agents magazine "The Negotiator" has an introduction editorial "The Midas touch" regarding the Lloyds Banking Group's proposed sale of the Halifax Estate Agents (HEAL) to the LSL Group

There is a lot of competition about in the car hire insurance market - May 2010 - In 2002 there was only one player in the car hire excess insurance market, today in 2010 there are at least 31 and numbers still increasing. Does this mean that the customer is benefiting or just becoming more confused?

Touring Tipperary, Ireland (or part of it) - A four day tour of Tipperary, Ireland in June, based at a superb country house B & B makes a perfect early summer break.

Visiting the 54th Juan Les Pins Jazz Festival 2014 -Four years ago I wrote an article for this website Visiting the 50th International Juan Les Pins Jazz Festival 2010. As I went there twice in 2014 I have written this follow up account. I first went to Jazz à Juan festival in 2008 and saw Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock & Jack Dejohnette perform.

Visiting the 50th Juan Les Pins Jazz Festival 2010 - The 50th International Jazz Festival at Antibes Juan-les-Pins (Jazz à Juan) was on between 14th and 25th July. The weather was superb with some of the hottest July days for 30 years and a great cast of performers

Water Restrictions in the South of England – Water a Very Precious Resource The summer of 2006 has seen a lot of water shortages in the South of England, the situation is not going to get better so new properties should be made whenever possible to have storage facilities installed to collect rain water and use it for flusing the WC and even for shower or bath

Whatever has happened to Mike Blackburn's Halifax? - In the UK most of the former building societies that converted to banks, have been taken over. One such bank is HSBOS that was formed partly from the growth of the Halifax under the era of it's Chief Executive Mike Blackburn.

Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed – The Problems of Sharing Your Holiday Home with Paying Guests Owning a holiday home might be ideal until you let in the paying guests. Once you agree to let it becomes a business and so if you let you have to put up with inconveniences

We Have a Damp Problem, No it is Just a Condensation Problem Tenants frequently complain that they have damp problems, however they are mostly condensation problems because they are not opening windows in the kitchen or bathroom.

What will London Luton Airport charge for next? In late June the taxi took us to London Luton Airport that was once a great place to travel from. Now you have the feeling that they will shortly be influenced by one of their major customers Ryanair and even charge for the toilets. ( Blog July 09)

Where have all the car hire rentals gone? We are now in mid August 2009 at the height of the summer season and for the second week in the row The Independent has featured this story, not only as a news report but also in the editorial. It appear that holidaymakers are finding a severe shortage of rental cars in countries like Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and other destinations.

Why Do I Need Travel Insurance? Personal Experiences Personal Travel experiences with and without travel insurance over the past fifteen years.

Why use a letting agent to let your property in the UK and when you do, make sure that the agent is qualified With a large Buy-to-Let market in the UK, it is vitally important that Landlords use qualified letting agents to let out their properties.

Philip Suter is a Director of jml Property Services; a UK based company offering Insurance products on line at and a holiday home advertising service and management training within the uk. He a travel writer and is a very experienced property consultant with over 30 years work in the Residential letting business in the UK and served on the National Council of ARLA. He is a Fellow of the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) and a Member of The association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA)

Philip Suter





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